Coronavirus: How to feel calm and peace in an uncertain world

Is it possible to feel calm and peaceful while staying informed about the Coronavirus?

I definitely think so… even if it takes a little effort… because it’s so easy to get carried away by all the news about the spread of the virus and the (often strange) reactions of others that we see on the news (like with the toilet-paper 😉 . Obviously washing you hands, keeping a distance from others, wearing masks if you are sick or with someone sick and staying away from masses are easy things to do… and it’s not so easy mentally for some people to just stay home and not go to meetings, etc.. So, the mental side is really the one I want to talk about.

In all of the published health recommandations about the virus, one thing caught my eye : Stress is the worst thing for our immune-system. And since 50% of all Canadians will have the Coronavirus sooner or later (before we all are immune to it), the best way to combat it at this time is by being the healthiest you can. And that means: DE-STRESS! But how to do that?

Well, here are a couple of my ressources to feel calm and peaceful that I want to share with you as this month’s


Breathing for calming the nervous system

Since millennia Yogis have used the breath to influence their physical and mental states. Certain ways of breathing help calm the nervous system… and that makes you feel so much better again! Click here for one exercise I propose or do the Cardiac Coherence with the application RespriRelax+

Walking Meditation – Connect with your body’s aliveness and with nature

Since one of the only things you can do at this moment instead of staying home is taking a walk… why not do it in a meditative way?!
It’s great to be outside your home and connect with nature with a mind at rest! Therefore you need to have some kind of way to bring your mind to rest 😉
And that’s easily done by following this guided meditation. You can either listen to it before going out and do it in your own timing and own way; or you can bring your smartphone and listen to the instructions while walking! Whatever feels best for you!

Enjoy this wonderful space of presence in your body and feeling connected to nature at the same time. A great way to get out of your head and feel connected, peaceful and resourced. Click here to read and listen to the walking meditation.

Do you want other meditations? Click here for more guided meditations.

Tapping: From Fear of the Coronavirus to Becoming Calm

Have you ever used tapping for your emotional upsets? If not, it’s a great tool. Here are the basics for newcomers.
Tapping is using acupuncture points to calm your body-mind system. It is neutralizing the emotional charge in your body, which makes it difficult to connect your logical mind with your emotional mind and the Fight-Flight-Freeze impulse. While tapping, often very rapidly the strong “negative” emotion becomes weaker and the logical mind finds solutions… it’s quite miraculous what I’ve seen happen with Tapping. I’m an absolute fan of it!

Click here for the Tapping Video for the Fear connected to the Coronavirus by Jessica Ortner from the Tapping Solution, it’s a really well done Tapping meditative process. If ever you’re overwhelmed contact me to have a private virtual Tapping session!

Facebook Group for Resourcing

I am starting a private Facebook Group that has the purpose to

  1. Create Community
    Since here in Québec we have the “orders” to stay put, all the public places and places of entertainment are closed… it’s easy to feel isolated and that often creates a lot of inside pressure. So, this is a way to feel connected with others even if not physically present.
  2. Share Precious Resources
    What I mean by that is, this group is about sharing what is good for me with others, while being in “confinement”, even in complete quarantine! That means that others can get ideas what they can do to feel well! Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually!
  3. Organize regular Facebook Live Meetings
    In theses I guide you into a meditation, Tapping exercise, breathing exercise or whatever is there for me to share with who wants to be present. This can, and will be a powerful moment of connecting and feeling well together.

Here is the link:
And even though it is mostly in french, don’t hesitate to post your ressources or questions in English!