Easily Calm Panic in your body and mind

In this time of lockdown I want to share with you simple and practical tools to calm body-mind-emotion and spirit!

Calming fear and stress in the body, mind, emotion and spirit in this period of uncertainty about what our lives are going to be after the coronavirus is so important for your wellbeing. It’s easy to succumb to one, several and often all the different levels of stress and anxiety.

On the Body level:

In the body this is noticed first through an augmentation of the heart pumping and other physical signs. These are recognized as fear on the emotional level. While you are noticing fear on the emotional level more physical signs will show up like tensions in some muscles, fight flight freeze response, pouring out stress chemicals into your system.

Which means more physical proof that your fear is true – it becomes a vicious circle!  Read more about it here (« I feel it so it must be true »)

On the Mind level:

The mind is going crazy and gives you all the reasons why it’s true that you must be afraid. Something like « My parents are going to die from this virus! My work is never going to pick up again. I will be sick and dying . I will be bankrupt. And so on.

Obviously this string of thoughts is going to stress you out even more.  You will feel even more fear and will be totally identified with. That is your only reality at this moment, there’s nothing else!

And that’s why I want to propose you easy and profound ways to calm down on all of these levels in the body, in the mind, with your emotions and in the spirit.

Calm the Body

On the body level I have made a little video with three physical exercises. These are simple but very effective. I want to  teach them to you so that you can calm down your physical system, the distress leaves your body and you feel relaxed again.

Click here to watch 3 exercises to calm stress in the body

Calm the Emotions and the Mind

On the emotional level there is fear and panic which goes together with the mind, the thoughts. For these two levels I find Tapping the most effective tool. You can do it whenever you need it,  let out of all the thoughts and emotions while tapping at the same time, so that your physical system becomes balanced again and the stress disappears.

I don’t have a tapping video for you, but if you want a taste of how effective Tapping is, I offer you a short 20 minutes session for free!
Please contact me [email protected] for the date and time.

The Spiritual Level

And for the spiritual side I have this short video from Mooji that I encourage you to watch if you want to become dis-identified from this fear story and discover your true being.

Click here for the video: This Exercise Exorcises Fear


If you want to meditate more click here