Relax and sleep better through helping your kidney-adrenals

So… how to sleep better?

Take a moment now to relax, find a quiet spot wherever you are. A few minutes to just be, feel safe and comfortable. You can lay down or sit, but lying down will allow you to relax more. Now, feel into your back – we want to get a sense of our kidneys and adrenals.
They are more towards the back than the front and protected by the lower ribs, just poking out a little bit from the ribs. The right one is a bit lower than the left one, and the adrenals are like little hats sitting on top of them.

If you feel like you can put something under this area to make it more evident to you, like your hand, or, if that is not comfortable, a little pillow or something else that is soft and feels good. It’sIt’s just there as a reminder of the area.

Now, focus your attention on this region. How do you feel? Which one of the kidneys is calling you. The calling can be a pain sensation or just a sense: I want to go in this direction.

Imagine your kidney-adrenal

Now, imagine your hand, even if it’s not under your kidney, being there to support your kidney and the adrenal and just sense into them. You can visualize them or feel them; I describe them to you: the kidney is a little bit smaller than a fist. It has a kind of a dark red-brownish hue to it, and it’s shiny. The adrenal is on top of the kidney and has a bit rougher, greyish appearance.

We are all different in the way we perceive things. So, any way that works for you is perfect. Just stay with your kidney-adrenal and allow it to sink into your hand whenever it’s ready. It can take quite some time. Just allow yourself to relax into the hand that is there to receive your kidney-adrenal.

Allow your relaxation to find better sleep

Probably, you will feel a lot of agitation or movement in the kidney adrenal. This is quite normal for these times where the coronavirus has changed all of our lives so drastically.

Just stay with his sense of being there for your kidney adrenal until you feel it settle. For example, your breath is probably deeper, and you may notice your heart beating slower. Or you experience that the kidney adrenal has kind of snuggled up into your hand. All this is obviously just imaginary, but it works! And you will notice that your sleep will feel better.

Or maybe, you feel your other kidney adrenal calling out to you – kind of wanting to get your attention somehow. Just allow yourself to provide the space and the focus for the other adrenal kidney system to be at ease, too.


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