Want some help getting rid of Stress and Anxiety?

How can I assist, help, accompany, guide you?

In this very interesting, but often stressful times, I would like to support you! Let me know how!

We all live during the same times, but we all have different circumstances. What may be something really restful for one person (having two months off work while your financial basis is covered by the government) may be completely something else for a small business owner who has to pay for rent for her shop, not having sold her inventory etc., and whose livelihood is threaten, who may be on the verge of bankruptcy.

Since my intent, from an early age on, has always been to help the persons around me to feel better, I would like to have your feedback, what do you need at this moment.

Because I would like to create the resource for you that makes a difference for the better for you. Please let me know by email or on my Facebook thread what kind of support or help you wish for.

I am considering creating an online resource for you – something immediate short but also something longer…

One thing is for sure. There’s almost nobody at this moment who hadn’t had some kind of stress in the last few months. Fear of sickness and death, frustration about not being able to do the things you want to: like meeting your family, working on projects, travelling, going to shows,  old stuff coming up by being alone a lot and having time on your hands, isolation, and so on…

That’s why today I want to suggest you a short tapping sequence to reduce your stress.

If you’re not familiar with Tapping, please see this video first.

Let’s begin check in notice how much stress there is at this moment. You may need to think about the thing that stresses you. Then give it a number over 10. Zero no stress at all 10 maximum stress. Write down your number.

Then feel into your body while thinking about the stress. How does it feel, in which intensity? Is it like a pressure on your chest, a knot in your stomach, a heaviness on your shoulders? Whatever it is, write it down in detail for the Tapping to come!

Listen to the whole Tapping sequence here to feel calm and relaxed and in peace with yourself.