My name is Sujati A. Goernitz. I grew up in Germany where I also studied Psychology. In a spiritual and existential quest I went to India (where I received this beautiful name Sujati) at a young age. There I learnt meditation, mindfulness, I worked in an Ashram and participated in personal development groups, engaged in therapy and therapeutic groups, massage and energy trainings. Connecting Body and Mind for harmony and wellbeing is my main focus.

Here is my professional career path that’s related to the Body and Mind work:

  • Study of Psychology at the University of Regensburg, Germany
  • Tibetan Pulsing Healing at the Osho Commune, India
  • Holistic Massage, Osho Commune, India
  • Workshop in Psychic Massage at Osho Commune
  • Jin Shin Do Training in Montreal, Qc., Canada
  • Workshops and Trainings in:
    Lymphatic Drainage, Hot Stone Masssage, Trager, Mexican Massage, Reiki
  • Hakomi Training (over 600 h) in:
    • Monteéal, Canada
    • Boulder, USA
    • Ashland, USA
    • Puerto Morelos, Mexico

I’ve lived and worked in Germany, India, Majorca (Spain), Maui (Hawaii), Italy (Lago d’Orta, Rome, Sardinia) and since 1997 in Quebec, Canada.

I arrived in Montreal, Canada in winter and decided the next summer to live in the countryside. Saint-Sauveur in the Laurentians was a good choice for 7 years. Then I moved to Val-David, where I live with my beloved and work in my welcoming studio that’s dedicated to healing and body-mind well-being.

I’m offering different groups: Self-Acupressure, Hormone Yoga, Meditation and personal development workshops. Spirituality has a very important place in my life. My spiritual teachers and mentors are Osho (from whom I got the name Sujati), Eckhart Tolle, Gangaji, Byron Katie and Mooji.

Sujati studio Laurentides


All these years that I’ve been working with you my innermost wish was and is the same: to offer you different ways to find your being, untouched by all the difficulties and hardships – innocent, beautiful, radiant, joyful – that’s your nature. I feel privileged that I can accompany you on your journey in a safe space to experiment being present in your body and experimenting in mindfulness: Very simple – very effective.
I especially love to look at the mind-body connection. Physical pain and disease is very often coming from emotional turmoil that hasn’t been resolved or completed. Everybody experiences shocks at some time in their lives. Sometimes these are really tragic, other times they seem small and petty, but still can linger on in your system and make you miserable: both emotionally as well as physically.
I’m so grateful to have found ways to dissolve these shocks. And I’d love to help you feel at peace in yourself and with your body!

I’m looking forward to meet you! See you soon!